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Heey man good work (although there already is something in use what is just a like, only the hand is more round)

I have a question: I have uploaded my logos, but in the Credits & Info the Category and the Tags aren't displayed. I also can't find them when I search the Tags, do I just have to wait? Are they progressing? Or did I do something wrong with the settings?

Thanks already!
- Twooze

RogueRobot responds:

Well you see you are an unscouted artist, it won't show for you. Scouted artist like me can see all of the unscouted work, but unscouted artists can't for some dumb reason. I'm sure Jazza has a way of finding everything. Also, I realized the hand thing is very generic and I found some clip art that is basically the same thing as this, but only after I was done with it. I can't think of anything better than this so I guess this is it. And thank you for the feedback. Always appreciate it.